Published Papers

Spatial Differencing: Estimation and Inference, with Federico Belotti and Gianluca Santoni, CESIFO Economic Studies. forthcoming 

Local government cooperation at work: a control function approach, (with Angela Parenti and Sonia Paty),  Journal of Economic Geography, Volume 17, Issue 2, 1 March 2017, Pages 435–463

Employer education, agglomeration and workplace training: knowledge spillovers vs poaching (with Giuseppe Croce, Emanuela Ghignoni, Andrea Ricci), Regional Studies 2016 11/17 doi 1230270

Informal work in a flexible labour market (with L. Elia, C. Tealdi) Oxford Economic Papers, 2016, 69 1,143/164

Migration, Labor Tasks and Production Structure (with G. De Arcangelis , G. Santoni) Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2015 Elsevier Vol 53 C, 156/169 

Decentralized Deterrence, with an Application to Labor Tax Auditing (with N. Persico, N. Sahuguet) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2013 5(1): 35-62.

Strategic Fiscal Interaction across Borders: Evidence from French and German Local Governments along the Rhine-Valley (with Aurelie Cassette and Dirk Foremny) Journal of Urban Economics, 2012 volume 72, issue 1,p. 17-30

Tax Limited Reaction Functions (with F. Revelli), Journal of Applied Econometrics, 

Volume 28, Issue 5, pages 823–839, August 2013

Undeclared Work, Employer Tax Compliance, and Audits

Public Finance Review January 2011 39: 75-102,



Working Paper

The Effect of Local Taxes on Firm Performance: Evidence from Geo-Referenced Data, with Federico Belotti and Gianluca Santoni (R&R on Journal of Urban Economics)


Heterogenous mechanisms in WWII stress transmission: evidence from a natural experiment, with Vincenzo Atella and Joanna Kopinska


Avoiding Taxes by Transfer within the Family, with Henry Ohlsson


Estimating Labor Demand Function in presence of Undeclared Work, with Leandro Elia

Work in Progress

Back to Black: the impact of regularizing migrant workers, with Enrica M. Martino and Paolo Naticchioni


The Deterrence Effect of Labour Tax Audit: Informality and Firm Performance, with  Giovanni Immordino and Francesco Flaviano Russo